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Sorig Stress Incense

Tibetan Sorig Stress Incense

This stress incense is specially formulated as per Tibetan ancient Aroma formulation text 'Gyud-shi' by Dr. Yuthok Yonthen Gonpo in 7th century to balance the vital energy.  It helps alleviate symptoms caused by disturbed rlung energy like stiffness of shoulder muscles, dryness of mouth, insomnia, sudden fits, resulting in profuse perspiration, stiffness of limbs, numbness, emaciation, yawning, non-clarity of speech and all kinds of mental stress & strains.

Ingredients: please see the third image

Manufactured by: Men-Tsee-Khang (Tibetan Medical and Astro-science Institute), Dharamshala, India

Product code: 1123456503

*For external use only

*Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.


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