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Indian Agate Mala

Indian Agate is known for its healing powers toward the digestive system and hollow organs like the intestines, stomach, and uterus. The gem is great for meditation for physical strength and emotional security.

Malas are known as "heavenly garlands" and are traditionally used in ancient Buddhist and Hindu practices. They have 108 beads for meditations, prayers, and mantras. 108 is considered an auspicious number. The final bead known, as the 109th bead, represents the student-guru relationship, the relationship to god, or all ancestral teachers.

Materials: 108 Indian agate beads, Carnelian middle bead.  Silk thread


Length: 21.50 inches; 24.50 inches with tassel. 

108 beads

Made in: Designed and Hand-knotted in the United States by Soleil Satnam.

Product Code: 1123452381


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