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Tibetan Symbols Tile Coaster, Set of 4

This set of  4 coasters features Tibetan auspicious symbols:

Top left: The Precious Parasol gives protection from all evil.
Top right: The Lotus Flower stands for enlightenment and mental purity. 
Bottom left: The Double Fish symbolized being saved from the ocean of earthly life and suffering.
Bottom right: The Eight-spoked Wheel, known as the Wheel of Dharma, represents the Noble Eightfold Path to liberation. 

*Due to natural materials and printing of this product, minor variations and imperfections should be expected.

Material: Italian marble with a cork-lined bottom. 

Specifications: Each tile - 4 x 4 x 0.50 inches

Made in: the United States

Product Code: 1123455420


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