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  • Eight Petal Lotus Mandala
  • Eight Petal Lotus Mandala
  • Eight Petal Lotus Mandala
  • Double Vajra
  • Double Vajra
  • Double Vajra
  • Snow Lion
  • Snow Lion

RMA Pillowcase

Our unique merchandise that features some traditional Himalayan art is made in India specifically for the Rubin. It is 100% cotton fabric and the thread is silk.  The two options for colors are Saffron and Blue. The symbols you can choose from are:

Snow Lion: The white snow lion with turquoise mane is the presiding local deity of Tibet, their national animal emblem . Often seen auspiciously jumping from snow peak to snow peak. In general, the lion represents the king of all beats and the "lion's roar" represents the supremacy of Buddha's teachings.                       

Double Vajra: The vajra is such a unique item often used in rituals and tantric implements. In Sanskrit, the word "Vajra" means the "hard or mighty one. To Buddhists the vajra symbolizes an impenetrable, indivisible, indestructible, imperishable, immovable and immutable state of absolute reality. 

Eight Petal Lotus Mandala: Often seen as part of the ritual bell, the eight petal lotus mandala is flowing with tibetan syllable. The petals symbolize the eight male Bodhisattva and the syllable symbolize the female Bodhisattva or female goddess.  Starting from the eastern front petal,

Male Petals -- Female Offering Goddess

  1. Kshitigarbha --                         Lasya = beauty
  2. Maitreya --                               Pushpa = flowers
  3. Akashagarba --                         Mala = garlands
  4. samantabhadra--                      Dhupa = incense
  5. avakijutesgvara--                     Gita = song
  6. manjugosha--                           Aloka = light
  7. vajrapani--                               Nritya = Dance
  8. sarva-nivarana-vishkambhim -- Gandha = perfume 

Source: Beer, R. (2003). The handbook of Tibetan Buddhist symbols. Boston: Shambhala.


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