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Prince Siddhartha Coloring Book

Wisdom Publications

Prince Siddhartha was a very special child, handsome, intelligent and, most of all, kind. He grew up inside the protective walls of his father's beautiful palace, shielded from ever seeing suffering. When he became old enough to travel outside of the palace depsite his father's wishes, he accidentally saw for the firs time aging, sickness, and death. This made the young prince very, very sad. He then realized what he was destined to do...

This coloring book will help children recreate in color the wonderous story of the young Indian prince who became the Buddha. With it, children can make this powerful tale of fearlessness, peace, and universal love their own. 

Written by Jonathan Landaw

Illustrated by Lara & Janet Brooke


PublishedWisdom Publications (June 15, 1984)

Format: SC, 26 pages, ages 4 to 12

Product Dimensions:  10.9 x 8.4 x 0.3 inches

ISBN:  978-0861711215



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