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Five Buddhas Prayer Flag Garland

Tibet Collection

Grace your space with these fair-trade, traditionally hand-carved, wood-block printed flags. Printed on the sustainable Lokta paper (indigenous to Nepal), sales from these flags provide income for a range of humanitarian programs run by Tibetan Nuns Project and GuChuSum Movement of Tibet. Continue the Tibetan tradition of hanging cloth flags printed with lucky signs, sacred symbols and wishes for peace and prosperity.

In Tibetan Buddhism, the Five Buddhas represent complementary qualities of the Buddha. They are generally recognized by different symbolic hand gestures, or mudra. Buddha's mudra is teaching the Dharma, Ratnasambhava's is giving, Amitabha's is meditation, Amoghasiddhi's is fearlessness and Aksobhya is shown in the Earth-touching pose. They are respectively associated with the five elements of space, earth, fire, wind and water. 

Length: 8 ft.

Flag size: 2.5" Sq.

Symbols are printed in gold on the five traditional Tibetan prayer flag colors: blue, white, red, green, and yellow





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